Intuitive Corporation Open Country Glassing Solutions

How We Got Started


The idea for the GridSpotterâ„¢ was born on a hillside in Southern Arizona during a Coues Whitetail hunt.  I was glassing a hillside across a valley from where we were sitting with a spotting scope.  I had loosened the adjustment of my tripod  up and was panning to the side with it.  When I found a point of interest, I centered the object and tightened the lock on the tripod.  Every time I did this the tripod would move the point of interest out of the center of the spotting scope.

After about ten attempts, I concluded there had to be a better way.  Perhaps a tripod head with knobs to move to the left and right and up and down independently. After a year and a half of trial and error, patent lawyers, and more trial and error, the GridSpotterâ„¢ was born.