Intuitive Corporation Open Country Glassing Solutions

GridSpotter™ with Slik Sprint Mini II Tripod with Extra Slik quick release plate


GridSpotter™ tripod head and a compact Slik Sprint mini II tripod is included with this package with an extra Slik quick release plate. A Slik mini ball head is included also. This is a compact setup for the backpack hunter.  Total weight for the package is 2 pounds 6 ounces. The tripod and mini ball head weigh 1 pound 10 ounces and the Gridspotter™ weighs 12 ounces. Best method for using the GridSpotter™ setup is to attach a 15X binocular with binocular mount to the GridSpotter™ for glassing to find animals. The GridSpotter™ is attached to the Slik mini ball head with a quick release. After an animal of interest is found, the GridSpotter™ and binoculars are removed with the quick release. A spotting scope with a Slik quick release is then attached directly to the Slik mini ball head only for closer inspection of the animal. This is the most effective, stable and compact use of the GridSpotter™ system.