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Slik Quick Release plate

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Extra Slick quick release plate for Quick release on Sprint mini ball head. Since I backpack hunt most of the time, the weight of my gear is a constant concern. I carry one Slik Sprint mini II tripod with a mini ball head and quick release. I have a quick release plate attached to my Gridspotter™ which I use with my 15 Power binoculars. When I find something interesting that I want to look at closer, I have a spotting scope with an extra Slik quick release plate attached to it. I remove the Gridspotter™ and 15 Power binoculars with the quick release, and attach the Spotting scope onto the mini ball head quick release. Typically I do not use my spotting scope on the Gridspotter™, because if there is any wind the spotting scope tends to shake too much to be useful.